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I welcome ideas on how to get around this. It should not be this hard for a company that convinced almost every developer in the world to build software for Windows 30 years ago. The company did it again with the Xbox, when it convinced game developers deeply invested in Sony PlayStation and Nintendo system to make games for Xbox. And yet, Microsoft has continued to stumble in winning developers over for Windows Phone and Surface RT. Microsoft cannot force another developer to build an app, but it can make it as easy and attractive as possible. From what I heard, the company has offered financial incentives to companies who will make it a priority. Microsoft needs to offer more money for these companies or offer to hire another developer to build it for them. Have a round of pizzas delivered. Fly in some evangelists. Build better developer tools. Throw a Surface RT app conference in Las Vegas, fly in developers for free and give everyone a free Surface RT. 3. I want to attach files to my email. The email program

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